Achtel Pty announces Vanquish Weapon housing

Pawel Achtel ACS has announced the Vanquish Weapon housing for the RED Weapon camera. Designed for 8K imaging, it uses Nikonos optics and has an onboard OLED monitor that displays feedback from environmental sensors. Constructed of coated titanium, it weighs 4.5 kg and can be taken onto aircraft as a carry on.

Shipping dates and prices are to be confirmed

Press release

Vanquish Weapon - World’s best underwater camera system?

Five years ago, Australian inventor and underwater cameraman Pawel Achtel ACS, introduced a revolutionary, award-winning underwater camera system to the world. Next month, the long-awaited sequel hits the market — and the revolution continues.

For the first time ever, Achtel’s Vanquish underwater housing, combined with the RED Weapon camera, can capture underwater images at an astonishing 8K resolution — way beyond the resolution of alternative underwater systems. And, because the system relies on Nikon’s super-sharp Nikonos lenses, designed especially for underwater use, the images maintain that sharpness from one corner to the other — producing cinema-quality images of unparalleled richness and depth.

I knew we could do even better than the original DeepX,” said Mr. Achtel from his workshop in Sydney, Australia, “So we’ve made the new housing entirely out of tough, precision-machined titanium that resists scratching and will never corrode, with the most reliable sealing design in the world and a range of the sharpest underwater lenses available today.”

“Smaller, Smarter, Sharper” is the slogan for the new Vanquish Weapon with its on-board OLED monitor that can, for the first time, continuously display temperature, dew point, humidity, battery status and moisture level. Even though it’s made of rugged titanium, it still only weighs 4.5kg and, complete with camera lens and battery, can be held in one hand. And it’s the only cinema-grade underwater camera system that can be taken onto a plane as carry-on, so you know you’ll be ready to shoot the moment you land at your destination. The small size of the optics also means that it can take low-angle and close-up shots that no other cinema-quality unit can match.

The design is wonderfully simple,” said the late Bob Cranston, world-renowned underwater cinematographer, when trying out the first ever DeepX off the US coast five years ago. “It is very small and easy to travel with … and uses great Nikon optics. And it offers the best close-up capabilities I’ve seen so far.”

The Vanquish adds unrivalled versatility, with four large “cheese plates” allowing for almost unlimited rigging, trim and balance, attachment of lighting and other accessories, handles, tripods, cranes, and countless other mounting options, as well as a modular design compatible with surf mounts, PoleCam, crane operation and ROV shooting. It’s even got a ceramic-like nano-coating that sheds water, promotes smooth operation, resists scratching and is even tougher than the titanium housing itself.

We’re proud that the original DeepX has been used in countless commercials, features and high-end productions,” said Mr Achtel, whose own underwater cinematography recently earned him coveted ACS status from the prestigious Australian Cinematographers Society. “Images from Vanquish will be sharp enough for the biggest screens in the world, but even on smaller screens the extra resolution and quality that every top cinematographer looks for creates a truly immersive experience in a way that’s not been possible until now.”

Contact: www.achtel.com