Anglerfish Announces Housing for Panasonic BGH1

Anglerfish Creative Lighting has announced that their housing for the Panasonic BGH1 4K cinema camera is available for pre-order. It provides access to all camera functions and uses a Nauticam N85 bayonet port mount. It has 2 M24, M16 and M14 ports and ships with a vacuum leak detection system.

Panasonic BGH1 Underwater Camera Housing

Panasonic BHG1
Anglerfish Creative Lighting is announcing an underwater camera housing for the Panasonic BGH1. This housing provides operation of all the function to cinema camera underwater. We are currently taking pre-orders for this housing.

Panasonic BGH1 is a compact and lightweight 4K cinema camera offering remote camera function through Power Over Ethernet (POE+) as well as 4K 60hz broadcasting and streaming functions. The camera is also features the ability to record RAW video data output over HDMI at 4K, 60hz, 12bit. Users also can record Apple ProRes RAW on Atomos NINJA V. The camera has both HDMI and SDI output. It features Genlock in, TimeCode in and out for camera synchronization.

The camera battery is optimized to provide 5-6 hrs of record time even with the smallest battery. Larger battery is available which allow for record time of up to 12 hrs.

Bayonet Design

The housing Bayonet is compatible with Nauticam N85 system. This means that users can either utilize their existing N85 ports and extension tubes or use one of Anglerfish’s 4-inch, 6.5-inch, 9.5inch and 12inch glass domes or the macro flat ports.

Bulkhead Ports

The housing feature two for each listed bulkhead ports: M24, M16 and M14.

Vacuum valve & Leak Detection System

The housing comes standard with leak detection Smart Phone Application which allows the user to detect the smallest leak in the housing. The vacuum valve is a simple design which allows the user to service the valve in the field.

Sample footage of the housing and video shot with BGH1


If you have a need for professional remote camera setup, please contact us we will be happy to provide support on your production.