Aquatica releases Ikelite TTL strobe controller module

Aquatica has announced an external TTL module for Ikelite strobes. This allows most older Aquatica Canon housings to be fitted with Ikelite’s TTL control circuitry that allows the user to control the output of DS series strobes from the housing. The module can be self installed into a free port in the housing.

It is available now, priced at $719.

Press release

Aquatica external TTL interface module for Ikelite strobes.

In response to the recent addition of the integrated Ikelite® true TTL circuitry to its latest housings for Canon® cameras, Aquatica is proud to introduce an external interface that will allows simple and straight forward retrofitting of its earlier housings for Canon®.

The interface housing body contains the same proven and efficient Ikelite TTL circuitry as the integrated version found in our latest housings for Canon® cameras. As is the case with these housings, the external interface sports an exposure compensation dial. It is common knowledge that subject reflectivity will on occasion influence the overall exposure of the final image, and even with all the accuracy normally associated with TTL, slight exposure corrections or even full out manual exposure may be required, this control dial gives the photographer absolute power of decision of the strobes exposure whether working in TTL or in manual strobe exposures, you are dialing from a conveniently located dial and there is no need for reaching out to the strobes themselves.

Even simple accessories should be worthy of ergonomics evaluation! We made sure to provide multiple angle positioning, so you can set the control dial access to your preference. The lever itself is large and easy to turn, even with thick cold water gloves.

Installation takes but a few minutes and does not require special tooling or skills, just pull out the connector on the housing after removing its retaining O-ring, clean and lubricate the sealing O-ring and push the TTL interface housing into position, reinstall the retaining O-ring in place and voila! You can now get TTL exposure from Ikelite® strobes, and take advantage of their powerful light output, their immense battery autonomy and the pleasing soft warm light emitted by their strobes.

Retail price $719 USD.

For more information please email Aquatica or tel: 514-737-9481.