Behind the scenes of Von Wong’s photo shoot 30m deep

Benjamin Von Wong is known for his elaborate photo shoots, including ones that are underwater. Here is a behind the scenes look at his latest photo shoot that took he and his team 30m below the surface into a cenote, just above an underwater river of hydrogen sulfide.

Von Wong

“I had this grand idea: To recreate the iconic scene of a young Chinese cormorant fisherman hard at work on a bamboo raft – shot 30 meters underwater in a cenote just above a toxic layer of hydrogen sulfide. Traditional culture as a whole, is something that is inexorably fading with time. I wanted to create a piece that would immortalize a piece of my own culture – the iconic cormorant fisherman. By placing him directly above an underwater river, within this portal that was believed to lead to the mayan underworld, seemed like the perfect way to bid farewell to a proud tradition.”

Von Wong river

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Von Wong