Book Release: Bahamas Underwater by Shane Gross

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Shane Gross, in conjunction BREEF has announced the release of his book ” Bahamas Underwater.” A copy of the book will be donated to every school in the Bahamas and all funds raised will be used to support BREEF’s Educational Foundation Sea Camps.

Bahamas Underwater” is available now, priced at $70.

Press release

Bahamas Underwater

BREEF, and partner Shane Gross Photography, are thrilled to release “Bahamas Underwater”, a new hard-cover book of stunning images of life underwater in The Bahamas.

Bursting with over 200 vibrant images, award-winning photographer Shane Gross captures the intriguing marine life from around The Bahamas while including a selection of personal stories that captivate the reader. The book includes a forward by world-renowned ocean explorer and advocate Jean-Michel Cousteau and an introduction by BREEF Executive Director, Casuarina McKinney-Lambert, recently recognized as one of The Explorers Club’s “50 people changing the world”.

The breathtaking images throughout the book capture everything from sharks and dolphins to octopus and seahorses. Learn about the many fascinating, diverse, and often endangered sea creatures that call this island nation home. The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands and a whole lot of ocean. From sand and seagrass flats to coral reefs to the deep ocean, The Bahamas has a rich abundance of amazing and extraordinary animals. It is now more important than ever to celebrate these creatures and their habitats as our seas in The Bahamas and worldwide are under increasing threat from myriad sources. If we can learn to love our oceans, we just might be able to save them.

Shane and BREEF are particularly proud to be donating a copy of the book to every school in The Bahamas. All funds raised from this book will be used to support the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation Sea Camps where children from around the Bahamian archipelago are taught about the ocean and conservation while getting to explore the sea in their own backyard. Each book sold introduces one Bahamian child to the ocean.

Bahamas Underwater on Wetpixel

Our incredible underwater world is just waiting to be explored. This book opens a window to the vibrant world under the seas that make The Bahamas so special. Award-winning photographer Shane Gross shares inspiring tales of efforts that are underway to protect the incredibly important and endangered species, the beloved places that are under threat, and the Bahamian livelihoods that depend on a pristine ocean. Funds raised through this book will help sustain BREEF’s continued marine conservation work.”- Casuarina McKinney-Lambert, BREEF Executive Director

Orders from within The Bahamas can be picked up at BREEF Office in Caves Village, Nassau.

Orders from within the continental USA will arrive within 7-10 business days.

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Shane Gross, Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, Shane Gross moved to The Bahamas in 2012 to immerse himself in the underwater world. Since then he has won many international awards for his photography, is an Emerging League member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and spent thousands of hours exploring underwater. As he saw the beauty and devastation daily the one-time professional fisherman gave up catching fish to photograph them in the pursuit of ocean conservation. He hopes he can use his images in a meaningful way to further conservation in The Bahamas and worldwide.

”I have spent thousands of hours exploring the world under the waves in The Bahamas, trying to capture her beauty with my camera, as impossible as that is. The result is this book, Bahamas Underwater - a collection of my favorite images and personal stories. I am honored to collaborate with BREEF to make this book available in virtually every school in The Bahamas with sales funding BREEF Kids Sea Camps and other conservation and education initiatives.” - Shane Gross

The book was made possible by the generous support of individual donors and the sponsorship of Rolex through their Perpetual Planet initiative.