Book Release: Sea Lions of Los Islotes by Luke Inman

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Luke Inman’s new book featuring the charismatic sea lions of Los Islotes is now available. It is profusely illustrated and contains a “how-to” guide to ensure safe and responsible interactions with these creatures, along with photographic and trip-planning advice.

The Sea Lions of Los Islotes by Luke Inman will ship from 25 October, priced at £25.

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Press release

Sea Lions of Los Islotes

The Jewel of Espiritu Santo Island

by Luke Inman, Foreword Steve Backshall

Visitors cannot help but be enchanted by the sea lions of Los Islotes. They emanate finesse and charm without a hint of illusion or wizardry. There is no incantation or voodoo, just an abounding sense of play that inspires every visitor. When it comes to wild animal encounters, Los Islotes is almost nirvana. Few places so close to a city can truly offer such a convenient and accessible opportunity to interact with Mother Nature in her untamed state. California sea lions are the main residents, strangely thriving in a place so accessible to tourists.

Initial introductions begin at the surface; encounters are then formalized below the water as Poseidon’s ocean ambassadors exuberantly whiz towards and around diver and snorkeler alike.

All these glories have been made possible by Luke, his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the part of the world he has made home.’

Steve Backshall, TV presenter (from the Foreword).

With vivid underwater photography throughout by a uniquely positioned author, The Sea Lions of Los Islotes takes readers straight into the world of these most charismatic marine mammals. The book contents include: A Foreword by Steve Backshall; how to tell different sea lions apart; what their lifestyle is like; their lifecycle; how to have safe interactions; the challenges sea lions face; other visitors to the area; and how to photograph sea lions.

About the author

Luke Inman is an award-winning scuba Instructor Trainer, natural history filmmaker, photographer, writer and explorer. His work includes the BBC’s Planet Earth 3, Netflix’s Our Planet and advertising campaigns. Luke is the Owner and Operator of The Dive Gurus — the only PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The book

Release date 25 October 2022 | RRP £25 | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-909455-49-8 | 136 pages | 246 x 189 mm Available now from Divedup.com, online and from retailers