Coming soon: Nikon vs Canon Underwater Shootout

Wetpixel’s photo pros will take underwater camera testing to new depths with the exclusive Nikon vs Canon Underwater Shootout. The review will be the definitive side by side comparative test of the Nikon and Canon SLRs. Probably the most important review an underwater photographer will ever read!

In it, we will finally and definitively put to rest the age-old debate about who makes the best cameras: Nikon or Canon? Utilising these new underwater cameras side by side will solve one of the great questions of our age.

We will show you how simple it is to dive and create great images when not shackled to a housing. Our review will also be chock full of tips and tricks like: How to keep your batteries and cards dry and post-dive rinsing techniques.

Advantages include less weight for travel, full access total camera controls and you can use any Canon or Nikon lenses.

Wrong focal length for the shot….just swop them out underwater!

We carried out the review whilst at Lembeh Resort during the Wetpixel Macro Workshop. The results have been embargoed for some time, but we will shortly release them. With thanks to Nadya Kulagina, Will Clark and all the staff at the resort and Critters@Lembeh for their assistance in compiling the review.

Please don’t try this at home folks. The reviewers are trained professionals and incorrect use may result in serious injury (to your wallet).