Communities agree further MPA in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat on Wetpixel

In a ceremony, community officials from the villages of Pam, Saukabu, and Saupapir in the Fam (locally Pam) Archipelago of Raja Ampat signed an agreement to protect their waters with the provision of a Marine Protected Area (MPA). This agreement will now move forward through the legal process. Thereafter, the MPA can be formally declared and join the other 5 that are already established within Raja Ampat.

Conservation International’s Nikka Amanda Gunadharma and Rens R. Lewerissa witnessed the ceremony and describe it on the Bird’s Head Seascape Portal:

As many as 20 clans’ representatives, all the village chiefs and the Chiefs of Adat from the three Villages in Fam Archipelago confidently put pen to paper, confirming a consensus to the protection and management of their marine zone, an area of not less than 360,000 hectares (roughly 900,000 acres). Furthermore to strengthen the declaration, it was ratified by the Regent of Raja Ampat, Abdul Faris Umlati, SE., acting as witnesses to the Adat’s commitment, and the representative from the church as well; Mr. Otniel Mayor.