Deepvision Contest open for entries

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Scubashooters have delayed their final call for entries for the Deepvision contest and will now accept entries until 12 January. The competition is being hosted on a dedicated site and offers over 40 prizes.

Press release

Deepvisions 2019

The 2019 edition of Deepvision is delaying its final call.

Scubashooters.net and its team are proud to announce that Entries for the contest will be opened till 12 January 2020. After many photographers asking some more time due to ongoing trips and coincidentally Christmas and new year’s holidays, the Deepvisions team decided to extend the entry period.

The competition is being hosted on the newly developed and fully dedicated website www.deepvisions.photo.

40 sponsors, each one a worldwide leader in the diving industry is granting an extremely rich prize pane, over 60000 USD total value!

As already cited, entries will be accepted from the 18 November 2019 till 12 January 2020 and after the competition ends the scubashooters.net international jury will take charge of the hard decision on the winning photos.

Mr. Henry Jager (head of the jury) from Switzerland, Mrs. Beth Watson from USA, Mrs. Ivana Orlovic from Serbia, Mr. Davide Lopresti from Italy, Mr. Roland Bach from Spain and Mr. Fabio Iardino from Italy are the members of the Jury and they will have the hard task to decide the winning shots. Mr. Jager recommends two very important things: read the rules and avoid uploading watermarked photos.

The judging system is entirely web-based and programmed so that the members of the jury will not be able to determine the authors of the photos; it is then of extreme importance to enter the contest with watermark free photos as those not respecting this simple request will be disqualified.

Visit www.scubashooters.net or www.deepvisions.photo and enter the contest!