DEMA 2011: Conclusion and overview

DEMA is so much more than an equipment convention in its simplest sense. The purpose of the show is undoubtedly to allow manufacturers and distributors to get their products out into the public domain, but a very important side-effect of this is that it gathers together all the major players under “one roof”. This really opens up channels of communication within the industry, which we as observers, get to view and comment on.

DEMA is as much about people, conversations and ideas as it is about equipment:

For the rest of the show coverage, please visit these links:

Tuesday 1 November: Pre-show set-up.
Wednesday 2 November: Booth visits.
Thursday 3 November:Booth visits.
Special report: Shawn Heinrichs receives the Sea Hero of the Year Award.
Slideshow of images from the Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Pool party.
Friday 4 November: Booth visits
Saturday 5 November: Booth visits
DEMA 2011:Final thoughts and conclusions.