Easydive Ships LeoR Universal Housing

Easydive are shipping their new LeoR universal camera housing. It offers camera control via USB, WiFi, IR or Bluetooth and is now compatible with many SLR and mirrorless cameras, along with the BlackMagic Pocket camera. Other features include an integrated OLED display and an Android App that allow the housing to be configured as required. Dual SDI out is available as are two external battery packs.

The Easydive LeoR is available to order now, priced at €3.490,00 (inc. VAT).

From Easydive


The new LEOR Universal Housing is born from the collaboration with Pro in the sector and the experience of all Easydive staff.

Compatible with Black Magic Pocket Cinema cameras, but also with the Mirrorless and DSLR cameras of the main brands (see compatibility list).

The LeoR preserve all the winning features of the Leo3 series, which we added:

Portholes and other accessories to buy separately (the images shown are purely demonstrative, to have a definitive price it is necessary to use the dedicated configurator).

2.860,66 € Ex. vat
3.490,00 € Inc. vat
(*) Optional implementable through the configurator.

General features:

NB: Standard functions are listed in the downloadable compatibility file at the top of page, other custom functions can be implemented upon request.
* The warranty is subject to an annual maintenance performed at EasyDive.




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