Full results of Think Pink Photo contest

Macro Category winner: Henley Spiers

The second annual THINK PINK photo contest has announced its results. The contest features images with the color pink in theme and proceeds are donated to breast cancer research organizations. Congratulations to winners Henley Spiers and Eduardo Arribada and to all those among the placings.

Press release


San Diego, California, August 1, 2018 – Nonprofit organization Dive into the Pink is delighted to announce the winners of the Think Pink photo competition. The competition, organized by Dive into the Pink, invited photographers to submit their most exciting images featuring the color pink, with proceeds used to support the fight against breast cancer. We had a fantastic response again this year, with almost 400 entries raising well over $3000 for breast cancer research and patient support. The quality of the entries was exceptionally high and the judging panel had an incredibly tough time picking the winners, finally awarding first place in the Macro category to Henley Spiers’s blenny peeping from a sponge and first place in the Wide Angle category to Eduardo Arribada’s diver surrounded by schooling fish. Henley has won a six-day package to Crystal Blue Resort in Anilao, Philippines, and Eduardo will receive a six-day Visayas Safari aboard MV Discovery Palawan, Philippines. Scoring second place spots, Fabien Michenet won an AOI 12.5x diopter with flip thread adapter for an image of a shrimp on a jellyfish in the Macro category, while Víctor Núñez won a Kraken Sports Hydra 3500 lumen light for a perfectly posed over-under of a mermaid. The third place finishers are Massimo Giorgetta for his crisp candy crab and Ron Watkins for his scorpionfish perched on a sponge, and each took home a $250 gift certificate towards Saga Dive products. The judges also felt that Elly Wray and David Antoja Mas deserved honorable mentions, and they were awarded a copy of Blackwater and Open Blue by Scott “Gutsy” Tuason, and Secrets of the Seas by Alex Mustard and Callum Roberts, respectively.

Winning images will be used to help promote the third annual Pink Auction, a silent online auction that kicks off on September 30, 2018. Items up for bidding include exotic dive trips, dive gear, underwater photography gear, jewelry, and apparel. Auction items are still being added and can be previewed at 32auctions.

About Dive into the Pink

Dive into the Pink was founded in 2016 by Allison Vitsky Sallmon, a breast cancer survivor, veteran scuba diver, and underwater photographer, who wanted to raise money to fight cancer by mobilizing the scuba community through dive charters and dive-related activities. Dive into the Pink is a 501c3 organization, and 100% of our proceeds are redistributed. Beneficiaries include the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), an international organization dedicated to the critical issues of young women with breast cancer, and the Guise Laboratory at Indiana University, who are investigating whether certain characteristics of the bone marrow microenvironment can alter/promote the spread of cancer to the bone.


If you would like more information about Dive into the Pink, the auction, or upcoming events, visit us at diveintothepink.org.


Wide Angle

Wide Angle winner: Eduardo Arribada

Wide Angle second place: Victor Núñez

Wide Angle third place: Ron Watkins

Wide Angle HM: David Antonoja Mas


Macro second place: Fabien Michenet

Macro third place: Massimo Giorgetta

Macro HM: Elly Wray