Full Results: UN World Oceans Day Photo Contest 2020

Joanna Smart (Winner - Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean)

The results of the Seventh Annual United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition have been announced. The judges were tasked with selecting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place images from hundreds of entries in 10 categories. The winner of the 2020 theme (Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean) was selected by the organizers.

Congratulations to all the entrants and to all the winners.

Happy #UNWorldOceansDay


Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean

Edware Herreño (Second place - Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean)

Franck Gazzola (Third place - Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean)


Leighton Lum (Winner - Rejuvenation)

Flavio Vailati (Second Place - Rejuvenation)

Lluis Masuet Vailati (Third Place - Rejuvenation)

Underwater Seascapes

Hannes Klostermann (Winner - Underwater Seascapes)

Yung-Sen Wu (Second Place - Underwater Seascapes)

Matthew Meier (Third Place - Underwater Seascapes)

Underwater Life

Michael Gallagher (Winner - Underwater Life)

Greg Volger (Second Place - Underwater Life)

Celia Kujala (Third Place - Underwater Life)

Above Water Seascapes

Geo Cloete (Winner - Above Water Seascapes)

Marcin Zajac (Second Place - Above Water Seascapes)

Simon Hilbourne (Third Place - Above Water Seascapes)

Human Interaction: Making a Difference

Renata Romeo (Winner - Human Interaction: Making a Difference)

Dave Valencia (Second Place - Above Water Seascapes)

Sirachai Arunrugstichai (Third Place - Above Water Seascapes)

Clean Our Oceans

Sirachai Arunrugstichai (Winner - Clean Our Oceans)

Joe Daniels (Second Place - Clean Our Oceans)

Digital Ocean Photo Art

Francisco Sedano (Winner - Digital Ocean Photo Art)

Galice Hoarau (Second Place - Digital Ocean Photo Art)

Victor Núñez (Third Place - Digital Ocean Photo Art)


Kyla McLay (Winner - Youth)

Ankit Kumar (Second Place - Youth)

Jasmin Pegge (Third Place - Youth)

Science in Action

Matthew Potenski (Winner - Science in Action)

Franck Gazzola (Second Place - Science in Action)

Dave Palfrey (Third Place - Science in Action)