Good news for marine conservation

Marine conservation on Wetpixel

In two separate announcements, Cuba has announced that it is implementing a management strategy for the sharks in its waters, and the nation of Palau plans to create a marine reserve that’s about 193,000 square miles (500,000 square kilometers) in size.

Cuba has partnered with the U.S.A. based Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to implement a plan that commits Cuba to providing fisherman with training in identifying sharks and recording shark catches, then places limits on the size and number of sharks that Cuban fisherman can catch, and where they can catch them. Perhaps uniquely, the plan also lists one of its key benefits as conserving shark population for shark eco-tourism.

Palau’s Congress has committed to keeping 80% of its territorial waters from any extractive activities, including fishing and mining. The remaining 20% will remain open to fishing by locals and a limited number of small commercial operations only.