iBubble autonomous underwater camera to launch on Indiegogo

iBubble, billed as an autonomous underwater camera, will be seeking funding on Indiegogo from 19 April. It will offer several different filming modes, controlled by a wrist band attached to the diver, which it can be set to follow. It is designed for use with GoPro HERO 3 and 4 cameras and will give one hour of filming at depths of up to 197ft (60m).

There are currently both design and working prototypes. Among the technologies involved are obstacle avoidance sonar, gyroscopic inertial positioning and USBL acoustic underwater positioning.

Pricing is unknown at this time. It is planned to be shipping from “June 2017 at the latest”.

Press release


The first hands-free autonomous underwater camera

April 6, 2016 – iBubble, the first autonomous underwater camera is on sale for 1 month, starting April 19, 2016. Since the launch of the project, 7 months ago, thousands of divers, diving centers and athletes have come forward to support the underwater filming drone. Named “one of the top 5 tech gadgets” at the International Boot Show in Düsseldorf, iBubble intends to raise $75 000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to accelerate its production. All divers and underwater filmmakers are invited to support the project. Press representatives are welcome to contact the PR team for interviews.

Creating and sharing quality movies of underwater adventures with people on land - without worrying about the camera: this is most divers’ dream. iBubble, the first autonomous and hands-free underwater camera, promises just that. It is designed to give divers unprecedented possibilities to create underwater images while letting them enjoy their dives.

A perfect journey with iBubble looks like this:

Using innovative technologies (the patent is pending), the drone will produce less noise than a scuba diver. It will withstand depths of up to 60m (197ft) and currents as strong as 3 knots. Obstacle avoidance is an area on which iBubble’s team is uncompromising: used in standard conditions, the drone will avoid marine life, fragile shipwrecks and other divers alike. Integrated lights and a gimbal provide steady, professional-looking images. For all technical specifications, please read below or refer to our FAQs.

iBubble’s revolutionary aspect resides in the freedom it gives divers, as well as the filming modes that were impossible up to now:

iBubble’s final prototype should be tested at the end of 2016, with deliveries planned for late Spring 2017.

How to order

The pre-sales campaign starts Tuesday, April 19 at 9am PST. To access the page (the link will activate on April 19 only). It will run for 30 days, but anybody interested in buying one is encouraged to order early – this will ensure the campaign’s success and prompt delivery of the drone.

Technical features


iBubble shadows the diver via a connected bracelet. Hands-free, it doesn’t require any other input than the choice of filming angle.

Filming angles

Follow me, follow “it”, 360° selfie, zoom in, zoom out and manual are the available pre-set filming modes. A touch of the bracelet is enough to switch between them.


iBubble can swim at 1m/s or 60m/min (3.2 ft/s or 197ft/min)


iBubble withstands depths of up to 197ft (60m).

Compatible Cameras

iBubble works with GoProⓇ Hero versions 3 and 4.

Battery life

iBubble follows the diver for 1 hour on one battery. Batteries can be swapped easily for longer outings.


Thanks to integrated LED lights, iBubble captures quality video, always.


In case of an emergency, iBubble automatically resurfaces. A beacon makes it easy to locate.


With convenient handles, the drone is a breeze to transport on land.