Ikelite offers tray and handles for Paralenz camera

Ikelite has announced two tray and handle accessory kits for Paralenz (and other) dive/action cameras. It has a V-wing profile and the (optional) handles can be removed for travel or configuration. The tray has multiple mounting points for handles, lighting, or other accessories.

Ikelite offers this as a kit consisting of the tray, two handles and a pistol grip for $150, or the tray as a stand alone option for $55.

From Ikelite’s website

Steady Tray for Paralenz Kit with Handles

Product # 26031
$ 150.00


Get a grip on your underwater footage. If truly steady footage is your aim, then solid handles are a must. This convenient kit for your Paralenz dive camera comes with everything you need to increase ergonomics and reduce the shake in your underwater video.

Key Features


Paralenz Dive Camera+
Paralenz Vaquita
GoPro Hero series

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