Indonesia punishes illegal manta ray trader

Manta trader

In Indonesia’s “tough, new stance to protect manta rays and stop illegal fishing and trading” the first illegal trader of manta ray parts has been sentenced. The trader, known as Wrd, was arrested with four others in August and September 2014. This is the first sentencing to be handed down under the new law that was enacted last year.

“Manta rays are a threatened fish species and full protection of manta had been stipulated through the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Decree No 04/KEPMEN-KP/2014,” said Director General for Marine, Coastal and Small Island Affairs,” said Sudirman Saad in a statement. “Under this act, any fishing or trading of manta rays or their body parts are prohibited, and violation of act will be sentenced by law.”

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Image from Shutterstock.