Inon Ships UWL-95S Wide Conversion Lens

Inon are shipping their UWL-95S wide conversion lens. It offers the ability to switch between M52, M67 or XD lens mounts. FOV is 95° underwater and focuses on the front of the lens.

The UWL-95S Wide Conversion Lens will ship in M52 and M67 versions. Please consult your local dealer for pricing.

Inon Ships UWL-95S Wide Conversion Lens

Press release

We are pleased to announce new additions of UWL-95S wide conversion lens series, available to order from December 3rd, 2022.

The newly released UWL-95S M52 and UWL-95S M67 lenses now have the same lens barrel as the existing UWL-95S XD.

This design feature allows budget lens type conversion among three different lens mounts (M52, M67 or XD) only by changing the lens mount*.

*Optional lens mounts (M52, M67, XD bayonet) are available to purchase separately.

Other fundamental feature remains as UWL-95 series including:

  1. Maximum view angle 95° underwater/159° in air.
  2. Optional Dome Lens Unit IIIA/Dome Lens Unit IIIG further increases view angle underwater up to 141°.
  3. Optimally designed optics effectively suppresses flare/ghost even in backlit condition to provide sharp and high quality image.
  4. 1.0 inch type sensor with bright master lens camera compatibility.
  5. Minimum focusing distance 0 cm both on land and underwater.


  UWL-95S M52
Wide Conversion Lens
UWL-95S M67
Wide Conversion Lens
Outer diameter φ90 mm/3.5 in
Length 48.3 mm/1.9 in
Weight approx.392 g(13.8 oz)[air]
approx. 611 g(21.6 oz)[underwater]
approx.397 g(14.0 oz)[air]
approx. 618 g(21.8 oz)[underwater]
Mount INON M52 Mount INON M67 Mount
Depth rating 60 m/196.9 ft
Body material/finishing Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy/rigid black almite, POM etc.
Glass/coating Optical glass/both side anti-reflection coating
Construction/magnification 3 groups 4 elements/0.63 (afocal system)
Max. view angle Underwater: 95.1° /air: 159.0°