Keldan Ships RC1 Remote Control

Keldan has announced that they are now shipping their RC1 Remote Control. It uses sonar and can control the brightness of the company’s 24XR and 18XR lights, has a range of 50m, and works around corners or through walls. Each unit can control 2 lights or 2 groups of lights independently.

From Keldan

This December 2020 Newsletter is very special for us. After intense research work on how to make the first:

Wireless Underwater Remote Control

We are happy to announce that we did it! And we did it with the high quality you can expect from Keldan.

2 Individual Channels, Range of 50 Meters

The RC1 Remote Control is now available from Keldan Dealers around the world.

Remote Control for Video 24XR Lights and Video 18XR Lights

The RC1 Remote Control can remotely control the Video 18XR Lights and Video 24XR Lights.

Be Creative!

We are sure you will come up with 1001 ideas on how to use the RC1 in your new projects:

Improvements and Updates of Other Keldan Products

The Video 8M FLUX is now the Video 8M 11000lm and has been optimized with a new LED to give you now powerful 11000lm (instead 9000lm)