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- Introduction -

Welcome to Wetpixel.com's Daily Live Webcast!

   Wetpixel.com and Deep Blue Travel have chosen the Kona Aggressor II as the location for an exciting charter focused on digital and film underwater photography. The trip will give divers an opportunity to learn more about underwater digital photo equipment and technique by diving with a professional photographer and experiencing the incredible ease, fun and satisfaction that comes with shooting in a hands-on group environment. In addition to honing their skills on their personal equipment, participants will also be able to try out some of the latest manufacterer-supplied equipment for digital underwater photography. Guests will compete in nightly digital slide shows, and winning pictures-of-the-day will be posted live, on this page, via an Iridium satellite phone.

   Jim Watt, described by Oceans Illustrated as "one of the most successful underwater photographers in the world," will be covering the trip for Skindiver Magazine. Jim currently resides in Kona and recently returned from Light & Motion's Digital Shootout where he shared his expertise and participated in the all-digital event. Jim's photography and writing is featured in issue two of Oceans Illustrated.

   Live web updates will be written and produced by Eric Cheng, a software engineer and amateur underwater photographer with a propensity for thoroughly documenting his travels. He recently published journals and photographs from his trips to Palau and Bora Bora, and had two photographs published in Fathoms Magazine.

   Wetpixel has received equipment support for this trip from the following:

Ikelite http://www.ikelite.com/
Light & Motion http://www.uwimaging.com/
Marine Camera http://www.marinecamera.com/
Marscuba http://www.marscuba.com/
Sea & Sea USA http://www.seaandsea.com/
UK Germany http://www.uk-germany.com/
Ultralight Control Systems http://www.ulcs.com/

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