Live updates: Wetpixel Bahama Shark Expedition

Wetpixel Bahamas Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Expedition

Field report day 3

After a later start, in order to give the hammerheads a bit of a lie in, we set out to the hammerhead site. It is only 10 minutes or so from the Bimini Big Game Club, so we were on the site very quickly. Within a minute or two, we had sharks around the boat.

The hammerheads typically approach close to the bottom and they are big, which makes them hard to light.

We had seven individual hammerheads around us through the day.

At one point there was lots of squeaking and clicking and we were joined by a small pod of bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) too!

Toady is our last day on Bimini, and we move over to Grand Bahama for Tiger Beach!

Wetpixel Bahamas Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Expedition

Field report day 4

We set out early, with the aim of enabling the boat to attempt a crossing from Bimini to Grand Bahama in the afternoon. The wind has been steadily strengthening and although it does not affect the site at Bimini, it is an issue with both getting the boat across and then getting out to Tiger Beach.

We had to work hard to get sharks. We ended up with just one hammerhead, but she circled and kept coming back to give us lots of photo opportunities. It was a bright day, with the wind creating some amazing lighting patterns on the sand.

Once again, I was shooting with the Nikon 16-35mm and the Sea&Sea conversion lens with a 9” dome, and it looks good optically.

When we returned to the Bimini Big Game Club Marina, the chances of getting over to Grand Bahama were quickly scuppered by stories of others having to turn back.

We plan to travel over to Grand Bahama tomorrow and we will see how things pan out from there.

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