Mexico expands Revillagigedos Marine Park

Revillagigedos Marine Park on Wetpixel

Mexico has announced a significant expansion to the Revillagigedos Marine Park. This will cover 57,000 square miles (147,630 square Kilometers) around Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto and Clarion islands. Previously, the area, named as a World Heritage Site in 2016, only had a small protected area that extended 6 miles (9.7 Km) off the coast of each island.

Revillagigedos Marine Park on Wetpixel

Alejandro Del Mazo Maza, representing Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Natural Areas at the Our Oceans Conference in Malta stated:

With the goal of guaranteeing maximum protection of this World Heritage Site, our national legislation’s strongest conservation category will be used, and all forms of fishing will be prohibited.”

He also added that hotel construction on the islands would not be permitted.

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