Reef Fish ID-Tropical Pacific available as an eBook

New World Publications has announced the release of their definitive Tropical Pacific Fish identification book as an eBook, suitable for download onto Android devices, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Windows PC computers. The eBook version of the guide allows for searching, annotating and highlighting specific species. It catalogs 2,000 species with over 2,500 photographs.

This new version requires the download of the free Blio app, and the eBook is available now at $29.95 from the Blio store.

Press Release.

Announcing the publication of:

Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific - ebook.

Jacksonville, FL - Jan 23, 2012 – Now you can take a copy of the Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific with you on your laptop, phone or iPad. The new ebook is available in the Blio format for Android, iPad, iTouch, iPhone and Windows PC computers.

The 2,000 species content is searchable through a page-specific table of contents and a scrolling tool bar. On the iPad you can go directly to a subject by typing in a species’ name. Blio provides the ability to highlight and bookmark items and even keep notes on photos (like where you have seen the species). Further research can be accessed on Google, Bing and Wikipedia searches with a single click.

The Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific was originally published in 2006 and is the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the fishes of the region. More than 2,500 underwater photographs of 2,000 species identify fishes from Thailand to Tahiti. One hundred eight fish families are presented in one of 20 Identification groups based on a family’s related visual or behavioral characteristics. Every effort has been made to group similar appearing species together.

The Blio format was developed by KNFB reading technology and the content is being distributed by Baker and Taylor Inc. Blio is available as an app through Apple’s iOS system and Android. The app comes pre-installed on all new HP, Toshiba and Dell laptop computers as well as T-Mobile phones. You can download Blio for your device and find out more about the software at Blio.com. To see screen shots and learn more info go to the fish id page on blio

Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific – ebook by Paul Humann/Ned DeLoach/Gerry Allen/ Roger Steene.

ebook download from Blio.com. 418 pages, 2500 species.

ISBN 978-1-878348-48-7

Available for $29.95 US from Blio.com. For more information call (904) 737-6558 or email.