Reef ID Books Releases Guide to Marine Worms

Marine Worms on Wetpixel

Reef ID Books has released a pictorial guide to marine worm species. It has over 820 color images and over 440 plus species, some unique to this book, from an extensive geographical area. It is available as a cross-platform eBook, a paper book and an Apple iBook.

Press release

The Weird and Wonderful World of Marine Worms Book release

Reef ID Books is delighted to announce the launching of a new, absolutely unique photo guide by Andrey Ryanskiy The Weird and Wonderful World of Marine Worms.

This book is full of creatures that are weird and wonderful - marine worms! Some of them look like nightmares or aliens from outer space, others look like beautiful flowers. You have never seen most of them. Many are not yet known to science. The author and his friends - underwater photographers and marine biologists were lucky to find many fantastic beasts - a variety of marine worms.

The uniqueness of the book is also in the widest geographical range that it covers - from the Red Sea to Hawaii, including the world-famous centers of biological diversity. The book covers the region from the Red Sea, East and South Africa to Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Guam.

Marine Worms on Wetpixel

Inside the new book:

The photo guide is available in different formats: