Result: UPY 2023

The results of the 2023 Underwater Photographer of the Year contest have been announced. The winning image is a split shot of an Amazonian River dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) or bota, by Kate Zhou, which was also awarded as the best image from an up-and-coming photographer. Congratulations to her and to everyone that was placed among the winners.

Full results with all the placing are available the UPY website.

Overall Winner and Up and Coming category winner

Boto encantado by Kat Zhou

British Underwater Photographer category award and second place in Up and Coming category

The swarm by Ollie Clarke

Most Promising British Underwater Photographer award and British Waters Wide Angle winner

An island’s wild seas by Theo Vickers

Save Our Seas Foundation Marine Conservation Photographer Award

Hopeless by Alvaro Herrero

Wide Angle category winner

Fade by Greg Sherman

Macro category winner

Unsung by Shane Gross

Wrecks category winner

Engine with a saddle by Brett Eldridge

Behaviour category winner

Make love not war by Yury Ivanov

Portrait category winner

The trunk by Suliman Alatiqi

Black and White category winner

El Blanco - The White One by Don Silcock

Compact category winner

Klunzinger’s wrasse in motion by Enrico Somogyi

British Waters macro category winner

Egg eaters by Kirsty Andrews

British Waters Living Together category winner

Pipe reef by Dan Bolt

British Waters Compact category

Crack rock blenny by Tony Reed