Results: DPG/Wetpixel Masters 2021

The 2021 DPG/Wetpixel Masters of Underwater Imaging has finalized and announced its results. Congratulations to all those that are among the placings, the images are a stunning body of work and a visual feast!

Huge thanks to our amazing judging panel: Imran Ahmad, Mike Bartick, Florian Fischer, Stephen Frink and Jennifer Hayes.

Best of Show

Best of Show and Black and White Category Winner: Martin BroenSpeleothems.”

Black and White

Black and White Category Second: Wayne LaiSchooling Jacks.”

Black and White Category Third: Giacomo MarchioneBig Mouth.”

Black and White Category HM: ‌Martin BroenThe Dream.”

Wide Angle Unrestricted

Wide Angle Unrestricted Winner: Tom SchlesingerGoliath in Lilliput.”

Wide Angle Unrestricted Second: Renee CapozollaHonu Buddies.”

Wide Angle Unrestricted Third: Evan FriedmanA Fever of Mobula Rays.”

Wide Angle Unrestricted HM: Conor CulverOut From the Darkness.”

Macro Unrestricted

Macro Unrestricted Winner: Sander van der HeljdenWho is Looking at Who?

Macro Unrestricted Second: Víctor Daniel Núñez DuarteBLUE DANGER.”

Macro Unrestricted Third: Andre JohnsonOrange Diamond Squid.”

Macro Unrestricted HM: ‌Andre JohnsonEnope Squid.”

Wide Angle Traditional

Wide Angle Traditional Winner: Enrico SomogyiColors of the Red Sea.”

Wide Angle Traditional Second: Tom St.GeorgeTransfixed by the Beauty of the Cave.”

Wide Angle Traditional Second: Martin BroenReflections.”

Wide Angle Traditional HM: Yung-Sen WuVitality.”

Macro Traditional

Macro Traditional Winner: Julian HsuYellow Goby Guarding Eggs.”

Macro Traditional Second: Yung-Sen WuHide.”

Macro Traditional Third: Steven WalshMagic Octopus.”

Macro Traditional HM: Erika MiuraSoulmates.”


Winner: Alex del OlmoOut of the Black and into the Blue: Bird’s Head.”

Second: Alex del OlmoOut of the Black and into the Blue: Ambon.”

Third: Tobias DahlinOcean Seasons of Sweden.”

HM: Alex del OlmoOut of the Black and into the Blue: The Ring of Fire.”

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