Results: DPG/Wetpixel Masters 2022

Black and White Winner and Best in Show. Martin Broen “Big Cave Chamber

Wetpixel and our sister site DivePhotoGuide are very pleased to announce the results of their 2022 Masters of Underwater Imaging contest. Huge congratulations to Martin Broen for his stunning image from Mexico’s Yucatan, The winning portfolio is stunning. Our fabulous judges had an unenviable task in trying to select their winners.

Many thanks got our talented and generous judging panel: Renee Capozzola, Erin Quigley, Marty Snyderman, Kurt Amsler, Tom St George, and William Tan

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Black and White Category

Black and White Second. Sage Ono “The next Generation

Black and White Third. Wen Chou Wu “Chandelier At Night

Black and White HM. Gianni Pecchiar “Circle of light

Black and White HM. Herbert Meyrl “Cenote Xulu

Macro Category

Macro Winner. Nicolas Remy “Dragon in a Dream

Macro Second. Enrico Somogyi “Little Beauty

Macro Third. Alessandro Giannaccini “New Life

Macro HM. Adriano Morettin “‌Yellow gobies with green mini goby in the shell

Macro HM. Susan Meldonian “‌The Design of Nature

Over and Under Category

Over and Under Winner. Gillian Ward McCarty “Stingray at Dawn

Over and Under Second. Borut Furlan “Sharks and Birds

Over and Under Third. Martin Stevens “Compass Jellyfish at Sunrise

Over and Under HM. Claudio Zori “Toads

Over and Under HM. Natalie Rodrigues “Sunset over the Reef

Traditional Category

Traditional Winner. Renata Romeo “Lion Rays

Traditional Second. Nicolas Remy “Leafy Seadragons in the Sun

Traditional Third. Yung Sen Wu “Salmon1

Traditional HM. Martin Broen “Tannic Glow

Traditional HM. Vanessa Mignon “Mobula Dance

Wide Angle Category

Wide Angle Winner. Raffaele Livornesse “Godiva in the Sun

Wide Angle Second. Taner Atilgan “Face to Face in the dark

Wide Angle Third. Mirko Zanni “Face to Face

Wide Angle HM. Ping Fan “Car Wash Cavern with Tannic Water

Wide Angle HM. Takasu Naohiro “Frog Spawn

Video Category

Video Winner. Alex del Olmo “Out of the Black and into the Blue: Banda Sea

Video Second. Mattias Granberg “Freshwater Diversity

Video Third. Alex del Olmo “Out of the Black and into the Blue: Triton Bay

Video HM. Tobias Dahlin “What have we Done?

Video HM. Alfred Schaschi “Sharkydelity