Results: UPY 2022

Overall and Wide Angle Winner: Rafael Fernandez Caballero “Dancing with the giants of the night

The 2022 Underwater Photograph of the Year (UPY) contest’s results have been announced. The overall and wide angle winner was Rafael Fernandez Caballero with his image of a group of whale sharks feeding in the Maldives. Many congratulations to him and to all those that were placed. Below are the category winners, to see all the winning images, please visit the contest’s website.


Winner: Javier Murcia “Mimicry


Winner: Alex Dawson “Abandoned ship


Category and My Backyard Award Winner: Pekka Tuuri “All You Need Is Love


Winner: Thomas Heckmann “Rapunzel on Fire

Black and White

Winner: Kerrie Burrow “Sarah’s Underwater World


Winner: Enrico Somogyi “Peace

Up and Coming

Winner: Quico Abadal “Supernova in paradise

British Waters Wide Angle

Winner: Henley Spears “Gannet Storm

British Waters Macro

Winner: Dan Bolt “Best Buddies

British Waters Living Together

Lewis Michael Jefferies “A peaceful coexistence

British Waters Compact

Winner: Martin Stevens “Rock pool star

Save our Seas Foundation’ Marine Conservation

Winner: Thien Nguyen Ngoc “Season of anchovy fishery