RETRA announces new strobes

Retra UWT has announced two new strobes. The Flash Prime has a 100Ws output, controllable over 13 steps with a 130° beam angle and a color temperature of 4900°K. The Retra Flash Pro shares most of these specifications but has a 150Ws output. Both strobes offer electrical connection via an optional converter, with fiber optic triggering as the standard.

They are available for pre-order now, with a planned shipping date of May/June 2019. Prices are €599 for the Prime and €739 for the Pro version.

Press release

New Retra Flash

Since we received so much positive feedback from a worldwide audience we have not been able to keep up with demand for the original Retra Flash. Although we tried changing several things to improve the delay it was not possible to achieve the desired result on a short-term - the waiting was only getting longer. Finally, we decided to stop the production of the original Retra Flash and take the time necessary for optimizing our production process whilst improving on all the things you, the underwater photographers, have suggested. There was never an interruption to our service or warranty and we keep a lifetime supply of spare parts on stock. We take care of our products so please contact us if any issues arise at any time.

The new Retra Flash is by far the most advanced underwater strobe ever made! We have improved on every aspect of the product whilst retaining the original housing dimensions. The complete package is a huge step forward and will change the standard for underwater lighting once again.

No more darkness.

FOCUS on quality of light.

LISTEN carefully, THINK different, BE fearless.

Introducing Retra Flash Prime and PRO

The most advanced underwater flashguns ever made.

TECH-SPEC Original Retra FlashNew Retra Flash PrimeNew Retra Flash PRO
Flash power (angle): 100 Ws (110°) 100 Ws (130°) 150 Ws (130°)
Color temperature: 5400°K4900°K4900°K
LED power (angle): 300 lm (60°)300 lm (20°)500 lm (20°)
Recycle time (4xAA): ~2 s~2 s~3 s
Power levels: 91313
Leakage Detector: /OptionalYES
Bayonet mount type: A1A1A1
Electrical Connector: Built-invia Convertervia Converter
Weight (without batteries, with 1” Mounting ball): 725g775g815g
More technical specifications and comparisons will be added soon.

Pre-order the new Retra Flash: HERE

Already own the original Retra Flash and want to upgrade now?
*Please contact us to receive an additional discount for purchasing at: sales@retra-uwt.com*.