Retra announces support for LSD with Inon Z330 strobe

Retra has produced a mounting kit to allow their LSD to be used with the new Inon Z330 strobe. It is available either as a complete unit or as a user installed upgrade kit/mounting band for LSD owners that are currently using the Z-240/D2000.

Retra note that the Z330’s pilot light is angled and will work better as an aiming light with the LSD than the Z240. They also warn that although the existing Z240 mounting band will fit on the Z330, it is very tight and may fail without warning.

The LSD for Inon Z330 is available to pre order now and will be shipping from 11 May. It is priced at €299.00. For existing LSD owners, the mounting band upgrade kit is €25.00. Both prices exclude local taxes and shipping costs.