Retra provides full specifications for their Flash

Further to Alex Mustard’s preview of the new Retra Flash, the company has released details about it too. The new strobe offers electrical or optical triggering with the latter having S-TTL available. Crucially, Retra have attempted to provide a smooth even light source, emphasizing the quality of light that it produces.

The Retra Flash will be shipping from June, with a number of pricing options and discounts available now for early adopters.

Press release

Wherever there is light, one can photograph. Light makes photography.

Welcome to the Retra Flash.

It was an incredible journey so far and we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us on every step of the way.

With your help we were able to create something really beautiful: the Retra Flash.

And since beauty is in the eye of the beholder let us impress you with some cold hard facts: * 100W/s
* 2,5s recycle time (4x eneloop pro)
* 200x full power flash (4x eneloop pro)
* 3 hour with pilot light
* 5500K color temperature (4700K with wide diffuser)
* 95º beam angle (110º with wide diffuser)
* 9 manual exposure levels
* S-TTL with +/- 2 F-stop adjustment
* Slave mode with smart pre-flash cancellation
* 300 lumen pilot light
* 4 level smart battery indicator
* S&S 5 pin, S6, N5 connector options
* Inon, Sea&Sea dual optical connector

Length = 120mm Diameter = 102,5mm Weight = 650g (without batteries) Underwater weight = -50g -100m depth rating 2 year extendable Retra Warranty

The package includes:

Pricing (excluding VAT):
1st Feb. - 28th Feb.: €499.00 EUR
1st Mar. - 31st Mar.: €549.00 EUR
1st Apr. - until first shipment: €599.00 EUR
After first shipment: €699.00 EUR

Orders will start shipping in June 2017 on the principle of “first in - first out”.