Scientists make conservation history by successfully rescuing Vaquita calf


Scientists have successfully located, captured, and transported a Vaquita porpoise into captivity in a bid to save the extremely endangered species. The mission was conducted by scientists with the VaquitaCPR conservation project as well as Mexico’s Secretary of the Environment Rafael Pacchiano. The rescue was performed during the second week of the bold plan to rescue the Vaquita porpoise from extinction by the Mexican government. The Vaquita is the most endangered marine mammal in the world and it is estimated that only 30 individuals remain in existence.

This is what Mexico’s Secretary of the Environment, Rafael Pacchiano, had to say about the mission:

The successful rescue made conservation history and demonstrates that the goal of VaquitaCPR is feasible. No one has ever captured and cared for a vaquita porpoise, even for a brief period of time. This is an exciting moment and as a result, I am confident we can indeed save the vaquita marina from extinction.

The calf was later released, as it was showing signs of stress, but the team is confident it will be able to permanently rescue individuals.

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