Scubashooters extends deadline for Deep Visions contest

Scubashooters on Wetpixel

Our friends at Scubashooters.net have extended they deadline for entries to their DeepVisions contest. It offers 10 entry categories, and the new deadline is 28 February 2017.

Press Release

Deep Visions 2016 Extension

Dear friends,

In order to harmonize this year’s contest duration with last year’s one, (which was three months long) and in order to give a lot of members actually traveling and shooting new photos the chance to join, we are glad to announce that DeepVisions 2016 deadline will be moved forward to February 28th, 2017.

This means that you still have the chance to go on a trip and enter your latest masterpieces to try to win one of the amazing prizes offered by our sponsors. We have also added a new sponsor to the panel: Bluewater photo from California, USA. They will award a voucher for $1000 that you will be able to spend in one of the most complete online shops dedicated to UW photography available at the moment.A special category will be added for the purpose and will be announced soon. Thanks for joining Scubashooters.net every day and thanks for joining DeepVisions. Your feedback is important to us and provides the proof that we’re on the right path. Keep following us, as there is much exciting news already lined up for the year ahead!