Sea Save Auction is open for bids

Sea Save auction on Wetpixel

The Sea Save Foundation’s annual auction is open now for bids. It features over 50 diving trips from around the globe. Proceeds raised by the auction will be used to Sea Save’s groundbreaking conservation work. The auction will close on 22 December.

Press release

Sea Save Foundation’s Annual Auction Ends Dec 22th.

If you are craving an exotic SCUBA trip to Palau, Costa Rica, Indonesia or destinations beyond, there are over 50 on the block. #Dive4Good

Sea Save Foundation’s annual auction is accessible to anyone online.

This is the sixth year for this high-profile fundraiser, which features live aboard and resort trips throughout the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines, Micronesia and many other exotic destinations. This auction has earned a reputation of being “the” SCUBA travel auction. It is unparalleled. Trip after trip, from Bali to Norway the Sea Save Foundation online auction is now awaited by divers around the world.

Bidders can peruse more than 50 unique experiences but it ends on December 22, 2016. You do not have to register to window shop. Come have a look at the myriad options one better than the next.

Bidders looking for their dream experiences can bid knowing that their contributions will support Sea Save’s groundbreaking conservation work.

About the Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation is a 501(c)(3) ocean conservation organization. The Sea Save campaigns protect our oceans by raising awareness about the planet’s beautiful and fragile marine ecosystems and by advocating change to resolve current challenges. Sea Save works to generate consciousness, encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems, and facilitate change in public policy.