Seacam Announces Housings for EOS R5 and Ninja V

Seacam has released images and details of their new Silver housing for the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera and a housing for the Atomos Ninja V recorder/monitor.

The housing is compatible with Seacam’s port system and has three standard ports for vacuum, remote control, or strobe triggering, along with a specific port for Seacam’s new HDMI 2.0 bulkhead.

It is compatible with the Canon EF to R adaptors, allowing the use of both Canon EF and R mount lenses. It has a control that allows access to the camera’s rear multi-controller.

Big lenses are a challenge for housing designers. In order to provide full manual access to lens focus, zoom, and control rings, Seacam has designed a specific extension with an additional manual control gear.

The Ninja V housing will accommodate the Sony NP-F970 which gives around one and a half hours of life.

It has button and dial access to the monitor’s controls and a lever for power, which can be set up to control camera recording too. It has 2 ports that will allow the fitting of a vacuum if required and is supplied with a sunshade for shooting in shallow water.

Seacam owner Harald Hordosch with the new Seacam Silver R5 and Ninja V housings.

Please contact Seacam or your local dealer for availability and pricing details