Seacam announces new macro port and lens

Seacam USA has officially announced the release of their new macro port and wet macro lens. The MIP80 port is designed to have a narrow lens, allowing easier lighting positioning for subjects close to it. The MIP1 macro lens attached to the port via a friction o ring, and gives approximately 2 X magnification. A lens caddy is available for the lens.

The new port and lens are available now at a U.S.A. retail price of $581 and $574 respectively.

Press release

SEACAM USA Announces New Achromat WetMacro Lens and Macro Port

SEACAM has introduced a unique achromatic macro lens that mounts via a secure friction fit to their new MIP80 macro port, designed to give nearly twice life-size magnification. The MIP1 may be stacked for even greater magnification, without the necessity of a stacking adapter.

The MIP80 macro port funnels down to a small diameter at the front to better facilitate strobe illumination when working very near tiny subjects, and the MIP1 offers outstanding resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness.

One of the early adapters of the system, Hugh Delozier, just came back from St. Vincent with a very positive impression of the system and stellar photos (uncropped). In his words:

I just wanted to say again how great the new macro port and diopters are. I’ve been shooting DX (Nikon D7000) for the past two weeks; using the 40 and 85mm macro lenses … The diopters are absolutely perfect. Auto-focus works fine with one or two on the port. With two, the effect is slightly more powerful than the Reef 10X diopter, which I used to use with the old port. Perhaps more significant is the fact that the taper of the port to a smaller front element lets you get closer to shy subjects. I’m not sure why it is, but I noticed this right away. Blennies and gobies just sit there, to the point that I almost run into them with the port. Anyhow, I can’t say enough good things about this system. I didn’t think the old port needed anything, but this one has definitely outdone it.” Hugh Delozier.

Optimized for 85mm – 105mm macro lenses for both Canon and Nikon, the MIP80 macro port is $581 and the MIP1 Acromat WetMacro is $574. An accessory lens holder attaching to the strobe arm is available.