Sea&Sea releases firmware update for YS-D3

Strobes on Wetpixel

Sea&Sea has announced a firmware update for its YS-D3 strobes. This addresses an issue of overexposure when the strobes are used with third-party TTL converters. If you have a strobe with a serial number of 180701320, you should contact your local dealer for information on how to perform the upgrade.

It is important to note that according to Sea&Sea’s statement, the firmware update does not seem to address the triggering issue that is being reported on the Wetpixel forum

From Sea&Sea

YS-D3 Strobe #03123

Sea&Sea has made changes to the TTL software in all models from serial numbers #180701320.

The update is to address an overexposure when opening the aperture to lower f stops in compact cameras and address compatibility with 3 party TTL converters.

Please note that this software update is only to address the TTL function.

Customers with a YS-D3 model with a serial number prior to #180701320 may require an update.

Please contact your local Sea&Sea Dealer or Sea&Sea Distributor for information on updating your strobe.