Shipping: The World of Blackwater by Mike Bartick

Wetpixel community member and frequent contributor Mike Bartick has just published his book documenting his journey into the arcane and exotic world o blackwater diving and photography. It features a compilation of his images, and is available now as an eBook in both pdf) and iBook formats

Press release

The Amazing and Unique Underwater World of Blackwater Diving

Highly published, award-winning underwater photographer and Photo Pro at Crystal Blue Resort, Mike Bartick announces the release of his new eBook, The World of Blackwater. Mike chronicles his work from recent years as he dives deep into this mysterious world that only exists offshore at night.

Created to inspire divers in the growing realm of Blackwater Diving, this eBook offers a compilation of images of rare or never seen before marine animals (with common and/or scientific names), natural history, Mike’s personal journey into Blackwater Diving, and photo tips. The eBook is available as a PDF or iBook, so it may be accessed and read on any digital platform at any time! Divers may also use this book as a digital field guide for Blackwater Diving in the Indo-Pacific and other tropical locations around the world. As a bonus, owners of this eBook will receive free updates as they become available.

Mysterious, wild, and exotic, The World of Blackwater can be found on Mike’s website, on Apple Books, or on Gumroad.