Sneak Preview: Inon Z330 strobe

INON Z-330 Flash

After Inon ceased production of the well known Z240 strobe earlier this year, there has been much interest in their planned replacement. Inevitably, specifications and images of Inon’s new strobe are now leaking out. It is to be called the Z330 and utilizes the same, proven body design of the Z240.

Its output has been increased significantly, with a quoted guide number of 33 (compared to 24 for the Z240). Beam angle without a diffuser is 110°, and Inon claims that it has a; “robust and durable construction against the heat generated by the flash (especially in burst.)

“Duckbill” beam corrector”

Other new features include a “duckbill” rotating light shade to prevent light bleed into dome ports (to across the sand), a “super wide” diffuser and glow in the dark controls with improved large easy to use controls.

Super wide diffuser

The control layout and battery compartment are identical to those of the Z240 and the built in LED focus light has an output of 220 lumen.

Actual release/shipping dates, along with prices are to be confirmed. Wetpixel will be reviewing these very shortly!