Spaces on Dominica sperm whale trip available

Our good friend and awesome photographer, Keri Wilk, is running two trips to photograph sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in Dominica this coming February and March. He has just let us know that a few spots have opened up due to very last minute cancellations, so they are up for grabs immediately.

Details about the spots are as follows:

1 space x Feb 28-March 5 (arrive Feb 27, depart March 6) = $3600 2 spaces x March 10-14 (arrive March 9, depart March 15) = $3200

Included is:

The 2 government-issued permits that Keri has been granted are each only valid for 8 members (including Keri), and very few permits are issued each year, so this isn’t a “typical” underwater photo trip. The permit is valid for in-water encounters with all marine mammals, so underwater photo opportunties are not limited to sperm whales - several species of dolphin, false killer whales, and any other marine mammals are all fair game, if they are encountered. Dominica is basically as good as it gets for encountering sperm whales underwater, since they have such a large population of resident animals who live there year-round.

Please email Keri for more details or to book.