Subal announces housing for Blackmagic 4K Cinema camera

Subal has announced that they will be offering a housing for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The camera’s touch screen controls will be accessible via “specially designed touch screen push buttons”. The housing features 3 bulkheads for video out, vacuum systems or other accessories. The housing is compatible with Subal’s port system.

The Subal housing for the Blackmagic 4K camera will be available from the fall priced at €4,299 (export) or €5,158,80 within the EU.

Press Release


SUBAL presents for this autumn a new housing for Blackmagic 4K camera with the latest camera firmware.

The ergonomic SUBAL design and arrangement of all important elements of the housing allows the camera easy operation without letting go of the handle. Also, important settings can be controlled over specially designed touch screen push buttons on settings position directly on camera display.

Housing has three plugs which customer can use to connect camera remote control, vacuum pump and other accessories. There are also two mounting points for lights or other equipment. SUBAL offers zoom and focus gears with combination for all Subal dome ports and flat ports for various lenses. For more information visit our website.

Technical data:

Approx. dimensions: 370 x 208 x 167 mm (with handles); Approx. weight: 3 kg (w/o handles and ports).