Subal announces housing for GoPro HERO 5

Subal has announced a new housing for the GoPro HERO 5. Constructed of aluminum, it numerous mounting options and a depth rating of 300m (985 feet. It can be equipped with an adaptor that allows it to be used with Subal dome ports.

The Subal GO 5 will retail at €599

Press release


Subal announces the newest and the smallest underwater housing Subal Go 5 for Go Pro 5 camera!

We made this housing of very strong aluminium for extreme use. It can be fixed everywhere and has several mounts so that could be used in every conditions.

The Subal Go 5 is produced mainly for military and firefighters just as for extreme diving because it can go up to 300m! It also can be equipped with additional adapter for connecting all Subal dome ports!

It is also good for split level photography, it has red filter for better colours and comes with different grips.

Price: 599€