Subal Announces Housing for Nikon D6

Subal is accepting orders for its housing for the Nikon D6 camera. The ND6 has options for electrical or fiber optic triggering of strobes, including a TTL option, and has an M14 bulkhead for HDMI out or a vacuum leak detection system.

The Subal ND6 is available to order now, priced at €5.988 (including local taxes.)

Subal ND6 for Nikon D6

With the SUBAL ND6 for the Nikon D6, SUBAL offers Nikon cameras an aluminum housing for the latest development of the compact full frame.

Detail information:

SUBAL ND6 is new design and engineering masterpiece. Housing provides access to all functions and buttons of the Nikon D6 camera. The ergonomic SUBAL design and arrangement of all important elements of the housing allows the camera an easy operation without letting go of the handle. The camera is mounted on a special sled, to mount the camera with precision in the housing, this allows a more faster and secure mounting. A 4 mm O ring and the SUBAL QuickLock closure system, prevents accidental crushing of the O-ring, and ensures maximum safety.

Threaded holes at the base allows attaching Rails etc. Pilot lights can be attached or mounted to the top shoe. The monitor window provides a glare-free and high-contrast insight on the camera monitor. Material selection, processing, surface protection and finish conform to the usual standard level of quality that is all the SUBAL products.

SUBAL offers for this housing model 4 different search systems: the standard viewfinder slimmed reduces the viewfinder image, so that it can fully overlooked despite diving mask. The GS 180 and the 45° viewfinder offer a viewfinder in size approximately corresponding to the camera’s viewfinder, with the insight of the GS-180 horizontally, the insight of the WS-45 under 45°. The new Prism Finder PS-30 shows the camera monitor image at the same size at a viewing angle of 30°. The insight is with normal reading distance, which is why the PS-30 is ideal for video recording that Nikon D6 have in 4K resolution. All Subal viewfinders systems are interchangeable and can be mounted easily by the user. All SUBAL ports with bayonet mount on this case can be used.

Also, this housing has plug-in system for installing camera into housing - there is no need for any setting of the camera before putting it into housing. With this self adjusting system with springs, the only thing that customer should do, is to fix camera on camera saddle, and to slide it into housing. Technical data:Seawater resistant aluminum alloy worked from the block. Hard Coating and corrosion treatment is applied to the surface of the housing. In addition 3 layers of powder coating paint is applied to give the housing the subal color and unique finish. All parts are made of hard-anodized light alloy, acid-resistant stainless steel and high quality plastics, to endure all working conditions. SUBAL QuickLock closure system.