Subal Releases Housing for Nikon DF

Subal are now shipping their housing for the Nikon DF SLR camera. It features a new locking system that reduces weight and bulk and is supplied with 2 Nikonos connectors as standard. There are two additional bulkheads for optional accessories. Subal’s TTL electro-optical converter is available as an option too.

The Subal NDF is shipping now, priced at €4,020 within the EU and at €3,350 for export outside of the EU

From Subal’s Facebook page

We proudly present you the first and only one in the world underwater housing SUBAL NDF for Nikon DF camera.

From the first moment when Nikon DF was published we knew that Subal will make housing for this stylish beauty and old school looking camera with Nikon D4 heart inside.

All manual functions from Nikon DF connect us with this camera and set a goal to make underwater housing that is full functional and with all camera buttons and dials accessible as all Subal housings have.

This housing is light weight, with new locking system, 2 strobe connectors (5pin) comes with standard and additional 2 for various type of connectors like Vacuum sensor and HDMI monitor. Also there is the possibility of installing additional Subal TTL V1 electronic that is compatible with several strobes like Sea&Sea D1, D2, Inon Z240 and Ikelite.

Ergonomic and compact design with all buttons and wheels positioned for easy access for underwater photographers.

Stay tuned for more official photos and press releases and check all details with versions and options on our website.