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AOI Releases the UCL-90PRO Close-Up lens Photo

AOI Releases the UCL-90PRO Close-Up lens

AOI has announced the UCL-90PRO macro close-up wet lens. It features a magnification of +18.5 and has an anti-reflective coating on all lens element surfaces. The attachment is via an M67 adaptor ring, which allows for the lens’ rear element to be located close to the front of the lens port.

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AOI Announces Housing for OM-1 Photo

AOI Announces Housing for OM-1

AOI has announced their UH-OM1 housing for the OM Systems OM-1 camera. Designed to be light and compact, the housing offers port support for popular underwater lenses, an integrated optical strobe trigger, and an integrated vacuum system.

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AOI Announces Compact Strobe Photo

AOI Announces Compact Strobe

AOI has announced their new Ultra Compact Strobe. Deliberately designed as a simple compact tool, the strobe only offers manual output control, has a three-stage continuous light, and offers a modeling light that fires a burst of flashes that can help users aim and gauge the effect of the strobe’s light on the frame.

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