AOI Announces Housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

AOI has announced their polycarbonate housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M1MK III. Compatible with AOI’s port system, it has an integrated optical trigger that allows syncing using the camera’s Super FP high-speed mode. The UH-EM1iii also ships with a vacuum leak detection system.

The UH-EM1iii housing is available for pre-order now, with delivery planned for May. It will cost around $999.

Press release

AOI’s latest housing – ready to catch all the action

Essentially, underwater housings allow the user to take their camera scuba diving. Protecting it from water and the pressure when underwater, basically the same premise from 160 years ago when the first underwater photographs appeared.

The new UH-EM1iii underwater housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M1MKiii takes it to the next level. Integrated with a new and improved optical trigger, it is compatible with the RC Flash mode of the E-M1 MKiii. Allowing users to capitalize on one of the key features of the camera when underwater - Super FP mode.

Due to the limitations of sync speed and underwater strobes in general, most photographers are stuck with shutter speeds of 1/200. But with the new and improved optical trigger, photographers are now able to use Super FP Mode, TTL or Manual.

What is Super FP

Super FP is a special flash mode which allows shutter speeds to be used faster than the x-sync capability of the camera-flash system.

When do we use Super FP flash mode?

When you need wide aperture for shallow depth of field, such as when shooting macro and a bokeh effect is desired.


When we are shooting fast moving animals, the fast shutter speed will prevent motion blur due to the subject moving. By being able to utilize these modes, photographers no longer have to work around these limitations.

The design of the new housing reflects the wants and needs of the mirrorless users. By keeping the housing compact and ergonomic, it makes it easy to handle and travel. Although small, the buttons and knobs are sensibly laid out and intuitive to the user.

To ensure that everything works as it should, the housing is pre-installed with a Vacuum Analyser & Wet Detection System. Using the vacuum pump to arrive at the desired internal pressure, the system will continuously analyse the internal pressure. Once a change is detected, the audio and visual alarms are set-off to provide users ample time to rectify the situation.

The housing is available for pre-order and delivery is expected to commence in May 2022. The housing is expected to sell for USD999.00 (price will vary depending on local taxes and business terms).

Do contact the local AOI distributor or dealer for more information or visit www.aoi-uw.com

About the company

AOI LIMITED was founded in 1994 in Hong Kong by a team of experienced managers and engineering professionals. It started with the manufacturing of compact film cameras and then progressed to single-use cameras, single-use underwater cameras, and underwater digital camera housings. After years of intense product development and manufacturing excellence, AOI advanced as a manufacturer of professional OEM/ODM underwater camera housings and underwater electronic products. Driven by the desire to offer a holistic and complete range of underwater imaging products, AOI decided to create products under its own brand name. In 2014, it all started with “Underwater Optics”, as AOI began to develop a series of Underwater Conversion Lenses and Lens Port Systems for underwater housings and market them under the AOI brand name. Since then, the brand’s reputation has grown to unimaginable heights.

The in-house vertical integrated structure from product development to after-sales services, ensures full control of the products’ QUALITY, DELIVERY, and COMPETITIVE PRICE.