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Guadalupe Biosphere Closed for 2022 Season Photo

Guadalupe Biosphere Closed for 2022 Season

Horizon Charters has announced that the 2021 closure of the Guadalupe Island Biosphere will be extended through the 2022 season. This will affect any planned shark diving charters. The company has appealed against the closure, but this was overruled by a federal judge. They also stress that other charter companies are also separately appealing the decision, but suspect that given their unsuccessful appeal, this will be the precedent applied to all similar appeals.

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An astronaut in Guadalupe Photo

An astronaut in Guadalupe

A lot of people go to Guadalupe every year, a lot of very interesting people. Most people are divers, and some are non-divers that want to check “seeing-a-great-white-shark-underwater” off their bucket list. And then there are some that are a little of both. A few weeks ago astronaut Terry Virts headed to Guadalupe aboard the Somar V to film some great whites in 360 and from the air, as well as check something off his bucket list.

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Clarification: Recent Events at Guadalupe Island Photo

Clarification: Recent Events at Guadalupe Island

There is a fair amount of confusion about the events at Guadalupe Island, Mexico that are being depicted in 2 videos that are doing the rounds at present. Both depict great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) entering cages during dives when there were divers in them.

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