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UN Fails to Protect High Seas Photo

UN Fails to Protect High Seas

The BBC reports that the United Nations has failed in its attempts to pass a global ocean protection treaty for the fifth time. The proposed plan was to regulate commercial activity on the high seas, the area outside of national controls. The goal was to designate 30% of the world’s oceans as protected areas, but countries failed to reach an agreement about fishing rights and funding and support for developing countries.

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UN seeks to protect high seas Photo

UN seeks to protect high seas

On 24 December, 140 member states of the United Nations voted to launch a 2 year process aiming to creating an international treaty to protect the high seas. This would extend protections to the oceans beyond national maritime boundaries. International waters account for over half the planet’s surface. The process will convene a two year intergovernmental conference to establish full treaty negotiations.

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United Nations begins talks to protect open ocean fish Photo

United Nations begins talks to protect open ocean fish

After more than two years of talks, diplomats will begin the process of discussions to establish marine protected areas in the high seas. A place that is not regulated, governed or owned by individual countries, thus allowing many marine species to be exploited. The decisions will include what and how much to protect as well as how to enforce protection.

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