TRT Electronics announces the mobi TTL converter

TRT-Electronics has announced the availability of the mobi TTL electro-optical converter. It is designed to be attached anywhere within a housing using velcro. The mobi offers a brighter LED output than the original TRT units and is available in Nikon or Canon versions now with Sony and Olympus versions to be available soon.

Press release

TRT-Electronics releases a new member of the Turtle TTL family.

We would like to announce the new group in TURTLE …… The mobie!

The mobie is a new product family that is designed to be housing rather than hotshoe mounted. It is available in Nikon and Canon versions at this time.

We are working on the s-TURTLE Sony version and the 4th new o-TURTLE also. The TURTLE connects to the camera with a 15 cm cable with hotshoe.

Numerous photographers use small housings wherein there is not enough space to fix the TURTLE in the hotshoe, but still want TTL function for correct exposure. That is why we developed a new family in TURTLE.

Technical information:

The main parameters are same at the first version TURTLE-s.


  1. Nikon version (38x25x11 mm) works with 120 mAh battery.
  2. Canon version is (48x27x11 mm) works with 240 mAh battery.

The TURTLE redesign was not just external. The first version TURTLE worked with only 3 mm LED with 12 candelas of power.

We can now push more energy through this small box so that it works with larger 5 mm 64 candela LEDs.

Before ordering, please contact me to let me know which version you would like to purchase. The hotshoe cables is a minimum of 15 cm and the user can fit the mobie unit anywhere in the housing with velcro.

For more information please visit our site:

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