TRT Electronics announces TTL triggers

TRT Electronics has announced two new products. The TURTLE XS is a miniaturized version of the i-TURTLE Nikon version. It also offers the ability to select Manual or TTL modes via the camera’s backlight switch. The other new product is the s-TURTLE TTL converter for Sony mirrorless cameras.

The TURTLE XS is available now, priced at €449, and the s-TURTLE is available to pre order for a limited period at €399.

Press Release

New Products from TRT Electronics

We would like to announce the new members of TURTLE family and the new design of the TRT Electronics TTL-trigger line.


The new design is more than a simple change of box. We received a lot of feedback from the photographers that use our products. As we are trying to constantly improve our product’s capabilities, we decided to develop a special product for those underwater photographers who are interested in an even smaller TTL-converter.

So we introduced the new TURTLE XS, which is tiny but its functions are the same as the i-TURTLE Nikon version. We implemented the Manual/TTL function change which you can use under the water during the dive and it is also possible to set the default mode (TTL or Manual) with dip switches prior to the dive.

Although the new XS has smaller battery you can still take more then 1000 shots without recharging.

The new XS has a new connector so the package contains new TURTLE board.

If you want to use it to trigger via fiber optic cable we offer you the XS LED BOARD.

s-TURTLE TTL Trigger for Sony

The another new product of the TRT-Electronics is the s-TURTLE TTL-trigger.

We have finished the development of a new product in the TURTLE TTL converter line, the TURTLE for Sony MILC cameras. We tested the new trigger with A7-II, A7-IIs and A6000 camera models with INON Z240, Sea and Sea D1 and D2 strobes via electrical sync cords and fiber optic cables and it offers a professional TTL solution for demanding underwater photographers.

The new s-TURTLE has same battery capacity as the Nikon and Canon versions, so we can take more than 2000 photos/charge. It can also be used the rear curtain sync, flash output correction and pre dive switching to manual mode via a dip switch.

For the pre-order period we offer a discount, and the shipping will start in one month. Do you want to buy your TURTLE for Sony today?

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